LGBTQIA+ Speakeasy Nightclub on Adamantoise


Resident DJs ClaireAi & The Missing Peace

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Upcoming Event
March 28th, 2023 9pm-1am EST
Resident DJs Claire/AI & The Missing Peace

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What we're about

The Helix Nebula is an LGBTQIA+ speakeasy venue hidden away in the Lavender Beds. Our purpose is to promote love, inclusion and good vibes of positive energy - also known as that thing called "having fun" ♥. We are all family and friends of the LGBTQIA+ Free Company & Support Group "ANDROMEDA <HELIX>" found on the world of Adamantoise, part of the Aether NA Data Center since September, 25th 2019.We're open every other Tuesday from 9pm until 1am EST granting a safe place to come vibe, dance and chill. We also book special events outside of our normal schedule when available. If interested in renting out our venue for special occasions, please join our discord and open a ticket in our booking channel to setup your event with us.To keep up with our events schedule, join The Helix Nebula discord and signup for event alerts on there. You can join our discord by clicking here.So come be yourself, come with friends, or meet new friends and clear your mind of the worries today, and have some fun.

The Helix Nebula 2023

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The Helix Nebula Staff:

Owner/Manager/Photographer: Aurora Nebula
Booking Manager for Claire/AI & The Missing Peace
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Bar Manager: Asteria Nebula
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Door Maestro/Greeter: Pepe Pewla

Door Maestro/Greeter: Daen Felvast

The Helix Nebula Schedule:

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