LGBTQIA+ Speakeasy on Adamantoise

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The venue can be found behind the bookcase, then head downstairs

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Upcoming Events
Asteria's Birthday Party Event
Wed, Nov 30th 10PM - 2AM EST
DjayYAMS & The Missing Peace
more info coming soon

Previous Events:

Below are but a select few photos from our events.

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We are an LGBTQIA+ speakeasy venue and our purpose is to promote love, inclusion and good vibes of positive energy.
We book events to grant a safe place to come vibe, dance, meet new friends and chill.So come be yourself, come with friends, or meet new friends and clear your mind of the worries today and have some fun.We are the LGBTQIA+ FC family of Andromeda <HELIX> found on the world of Adamantoise, part of the Aether NA Data Center.To keep up with our schedule join our resident DJ The Missing Peace's discord for event announcements.To join the discord, click here.

Photos of The Helix Nebula
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Previous Events